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Making Fair Trade, Fair: Community engagement and empowerment campaign

How Fair is Fair Trade?

The product in the above picture represents an Indian initiative that is easily replicable in many African countries. It is one of many fair trade products circulating in Western markets. But this price is too high probably because of too many middle-men involved in the process. Only a fraction of this price will get to those at the grassroots. The poor are not benefitting much from some of these deal. We also do not have enough African products on Western shelves, but African stores are full of Western products! This is NOT FAIR. Fair Trade must be fair indeed.

Refuge Network is trying to work with artisans in Senegal and other Sub-Saharan African countries to promote / export more local African products and put more money directly in the hands of poor African artisans in local communities. It is part of our community engagement and people empowerment initiative. We must work to make Fair Trade, FAIR indeed.

You must support us to make this happen at the grassroots in your neighborhood. Partnering with our Local Community Teams is the first step towards creating a proper structure and building an effective system that would help us to realize this vision.

Join our campaign now!

Charles Gimoh

Photo courtesy: M Gueye


Charles Gimoh

Photo courtesy: M Gueye

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